Cariyan Wooden Company VN


Our company can provide raw material such as wood boards before painting.
We have a professional wood board processing line, which can assemble the materials to the specified size before processing.
We also provide product processing services. The following processing options are for your considerations.
1. Contact us Tell us what kind of product you need and the requirements for product design. We will exchange ideas with you and provide our ideas and preliminary concepts first.
2. Provide preliminary samples or raw material selection After discussion, we will first provide preliminary computer drawings and raw materials for you to evaluate. If it is confirmed that it meets your needs, the next step will be the actual product proofing to confirm the appearance and structural stability. A quotation will then be provided for your considerations.
3.Modifying samples Depending on the complexity of the product, there will be a difference in time to modify. From computer drawing, material preparation to production, and subsequent structural modification, about a month will be involved in the process. Before providing samples, the internal structure will have to go through testing to ensure that the product meets customer needs.
4.Confirmation and mass production After confirming the sample, the sample drawing will now be the basis for mass production. Your product is in the hands of a high-quality processing team. Our products and quality are deeply trusted by customers.