Cariyan Wooden Company VN

Cariyan Wooden Company VN (越南嘉桐木業公司)

  Cariyan Wooden Company was founded in 2011, headquartered in Tam Phuoc Industrial District, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. Covering an area of 36,000 square meters, the company specializes in the production of solid wood furniture and panels. The production line has two parts, raw material processing and finished product processing. The majority of finished products ships to Taiwan, US and Canada. Orders are mainly from factories rather than retailers. Currently the company does not have a sample room set up.

  The company began as a humble and traditional OEM furniture factory in Taiwan early on. With the improvement of Taiwan's economy, the traditional furniture manufacturing industry gradually moved out, bringing its sophisticated production technology to Vietnam to open a new frontier. Tracing back, every piece of wood is conceived by nature over time, and the company insists on the spirit of frugality and nothing is wasted to achieve the best use of everything. The complete material preparation process does not waste a single bit of wood, from wood extraction, pressing to processing materials, so that wood production efficiency is maximized. Waste recycling, wood chip recycling, etc. are processed by specialized agencies. In addition, the factory production line is staffed by skilled Vietnamese employees, increasing high-quality value to the finished products.